The Sneaky Singers

Move, Sing, Learn

An exciting journey into the world of music

We’re launching a new singing class at Sneaky Keys!

Starting Wednesday the 18th of March, this class will be a fun foray into music which will involve singing, movement, percussion and music theory.

Your child will get to sing the songs they know, the ones you’ll know as well as some Sneaky Keys originals.

Week one is ‘The Sneaky Safari’, animal impressions not only allowed, but are encouraged.

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The Sneaky Keys Way

Our approach combines the power of laughter and learning. Those moments of laughter whilst learning will stick with your child forever.

The class will introduce your child to a wide range of music genres and styles. We encourage our students’ creativity and will, where possible, accommodate their music tastes and cover the songs they enjoy.

The Sneaky Singers class follows a program that will have your child embark on an exciting musical journey; learning vocal breathing and warm up techniques, develop a varied song repotoire, and provide them an opportunity to showcase their learnings through performance.

Each class is weekly and runs for 30 minutes at our Northbridge School and is $22.

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