The Sneaky Creators

Listen, Learn, Create

The first class of its kind for young teens

Typically, a child’s journey with the piano follows a path like this;

The child starts learning piano in a group environment, they are moved into private lessons, before interest levels start to drop and piano becomes ‘just another’ thing they try.

We want to change this, the stigma surrounding the group needs to change, and we are leading the charge.


By launching The Sneaky Creators, a group class where a child can apply their music understanding to create and record their own music.

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The New Frontier

Our Sneaky Creators class is one that will captitalise on your child’s technical ability and inquisitive nature. This type of class is normally reserved until a student starts university.

Your child will have access to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation – Recording Software) in our Sneaky Studio where they will be able to create and record their own tracks.

Your child will work closely with a qualified producer to learn the necessary skills and build an understanding of all the elements and techniques that go into the recording of music.

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