Sneaky Keys Liability Release



• Payment for the term is required before the student’s first class. This will be taken as the first fortnightly debit when you sign-up.
• There is a 10-week term commitment (11 weeks for Term 1) for all classes, (Singers, Keys and Creators).
• The fortnightly direct debit is $70, and pauses during school holiday breaks as regular classes will not operate.
• Sneaky Singers group classes are $27 per class ($54/ fortnight).
• Change of mind does not qualify for a refund.
• Any deposits taken for new student enrolments are non-refundable and are put toward their first term fees.
• Once your account has been set up with your preferred billing method, your account will be debited automatically in fortnightly instalments for the term’s classes.
• If you are planning to discontinue lessons after a term, please inform the Director in writing during the 2-week school holiday break before the next term commences. The termination will take effect once you have notified of your cancellation after completing your agreed term, and provided that all payments for the agreed term have been processed.
• Sneaky Keys will email and text reminders for you to notify us of any changes, otherwise, it is assumed you are continuing on for the next term and will be debited the next fortnightly instalment at the commencement of the new term (non-refundable).
• In the event of the account being in default and being referred to an external party for collection, the customer shall be liable for all resulting costs arising from the recovery, including legal and bank fee costs that may be charged to Sneaky Keys as a result of the declined payment.

• No refunds will be given.
• Missed classes will not be credited unless the teacher is unable to teach the class.
• Student sickness/early holidays/change of mind etc. does not qualify for a refund of tuition. Please seek to arrange a make-up class instead.             

• 4-hours notice of class cancellation is required, please call for emergency cancellations to organise a make-up session.

Make-Up Classes • Make-up classes are offered for students who miss a class due to illness or holidays. Class availability & suitability will determine which make-up classes are offered, early notice is advised.
• Late cancellations after the class start time will not qualify for a make-up class, we require 4-hours notice.
• Book online, or contact the school to arrange for any make-up classes.

Siblings & Parent Attendance
(Preschool students)
• A parent/guardian must accompany and participate with the child during the lesson as required by the music teacher for our youngest beginners.
• Siblings may attend but need to remain in the waiting area, not sit inside the classroom
• It is important that our students are able to hear and concentrate at all times. Please do not take offence if your teacher asks you to take a sibling outside – they are prioritising the learning of the students in the class.
(6+year-old students)
• Parent/guardian attendance is optional. No parent/guardian participation is required.

Food & Drink / Keeping Clean
• No food or drink is permitted inside the studio with the exception of bottled water, which may remain in classrooms in the designated area only (not on top of the pianos).
• Students must clean their hands before entering the classroom (wash and/or hand sanitiser).
• Any damage caused to our instruments by a student disobeying the teacher’s instructions must be compensated for (repair or replacement) at the request of the Director.

• Disruptive and/or disrespectful behaviour during Sneaky Keys music classes will not be tolerated and offending students may be asked to leave the school at the discretion of the teacher and/or School Director. Photography & Mobile 

• Mobile phones must be on silent when entering the classroom, and phone calls must be taken outside to minimise disruption to the students.
• No photos or videos are permitted during classes (except for solo performances).
• For the purposes of advertising or concert photography, videos and photographs of performances and activities in class may be taken. Please advise the Director if you would prefer your child not to be photographed in these circumstances.

As accepted with your online enrolment, and once your child begins classes at Sneaky Keys it will signify that you agree to the terms and conditions provided above. We look forward to having you with us in the school and hope that this is the beginning of many years of successful music education for your child!


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"We love everything about Sneaky Keys. The teachers have a genuine love for music and want to share this with the children."

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