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When you sing, you are the instrument. You are the one that is on show. With nowhere to hide.

It’s daunting we know! But we'll help your child control their voice and build their self-esteem.

With the right training your child can develop the ability to sing properly and be confident when doing so.

Our classes teach supportive techniques and have students singing the songs they know and love.

Through rhythmic games, breathing exercises, and posture guidance we create a strong foundation for your child as they learn to sing!

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Class Details.

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: $30

Location: Shop 8, 128 Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge 2063

There is a term commitment for all enrolments and fees are debited fortnightly.

14 days notice is required for cancellation prior to the next term commencing. Otherwise your child’s enrolment rolls-over to the next term automatically. We’ll send a reminder out as this deadline approaches to notify us of any changes to your membership.

"My daughter absolutely loves attending her piano classes every week and always gets excited about new songs they learn."

Petra - Emma's Mum

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"We love everything about Sneaky Keys. The teachers have a genuine love for music and want to share this with the children."

Teresa, Liam + Ethan's Mum

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