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The 5 signs your child may have a musical talent

1) They sing along to films and songs
Singing and expressing an emotional response to the storytelling of songs is an indication of musical interest in a child. Singing and yelling are two different things though! 2) They recall the lyrics of songs very quickly
If your child can identify a song within the first few notes and recall the tune and lyrics quickly, they are likely very ear-driven and more interested in learning music than a child who does not recite songs quickly.
While listening to music in the car, they may hear a song one time and will then walk around singing the correct notes and words for the rest of the day. As a parent, this may baffle you, especially if you are not very musical yourself. 3) They match the tune (or very close) of the song when singing
The voice is the first and most effective tool in developing a child’s aural (hearing/listening) skills. A child with musical talent or interest will be able to match your pitch whether you sing it or play it on an instrument as they are very receptive to sound. 4) They make up their own songs while playing
Have you ever noticed your child pouring out their feelings and thoughts through song? Your child may be displaying signs of emotional response (sad, mad or happy) to the music of sombre or upbeat styles and imitate these emotional responses through their own made-up songs. 5) They move their bodies in response to music
Tapping pencils or objects rhythmically in time with the music. Bopping their head to the beat as they are playing with toys or making up their own dance moves in response to the music. Echoing sounds back they hear in the music or in the world around them in general (animal sounds for example). They may be super observant of the sounds they experience in their everyday activities and environments.

If your child exhibits at least three of these behaviours chances are they may have a musical talent.

And singing is the perfect intro to music for young minds.

Our focus is on sensory learning – sight, sound, touch, and kinetic, to help your child grasp the fundamentals of music.

With the use of cover songs, students learn by singing the songs they know and love.

Sing-a-longs on the way home are a must!

Each week is themed to keep children engaged, share their personalities, and showcase their creativity.

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…The group learning environment is the biggest asset for Sneaky Keys. Children thrive when in a positive environment.“-Kareena, Pymble



“I’m a songwriter, teacher and love to laugh! I am so passionate about our Sneaky Keys program and classes as I can see the students progress their skills with each class and I love seeing the excitement on their faces when they get to start a new, more difficult piece.”

Phoebe Lee
Composer / Teacher
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