'Roar'-ing into 2021-min

‘Roar’-ing into 2021

When you think singing classes do you think Katy Perry?

Probably not – but you should.

2020 has been a mixed bag of a year, not what we’d hoped for but there have been a few silver linings. One of those has been the addition of ‘The Sneaky Singers’ to our Sneaky Music Programs.

None of this would have been possible without the wonderful Miss Amy joining our team.

Amy’s creative input has helped shape the Singers something that teaches students proper warm ups, singing techniques, and vocal exercises for practice.

The best part?

Your child learns by singing the songs they know and love, along with the classics which will warm your heart when they sing at home.

We know that this isn’t the norm and being candid it is because most songs are deemed ‘Off Limits’ because they aren’t technically perfect.

While this may be true – kids want to learn to sing to be like the artists they like.

Our program teaches students the skills to they need to sing, and pairs it with the songs that will keep them inspired and progressing.

If you’d like to try singing before the end of the year contact Miss Anika here 😊

Enrolments for 2021 are open, spaces are limited and served on a first in best dressed basis.

PS Is your Creative Kids voucher still waiting to be used?

Claim today and enjoy the rest of the term at no extra cost.

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