Music to your ears.

Piano classes that teach your child the skills to play the songs they want to play - in the classroom and at home on their own.

Improving the way children learn to play the piano.

We developed our program from scratch. We created something that we wished we had access to growing up.

Our program is fun, your child will make new friends, and our students progress quickly.


"You're doing an amazing job, the app is great and I love that you provide feedback to Neil on his homework submissions. These little things make a huge difference!"

About Our Classes


We teach music in the holistic sense.

Our Keys program focuses on ear training, music theory, chord progressions, and applying that knowledge to playing the piano.

Our web app supports home practice with backing tracks and video tutorials, and has been ‘key’ in helping students hone their musical skills.

"The choice of music is great! It keeps the kids interested and is relevant to them."

Class Details

Duration: 45 minutes


$35 (Keys) 

$30 (Singing)

$19 (Toddler Music)

Location: 8/128 Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge

There is a term commitment for all enrolments and fees are debited fortnightly.

14 days notice is required for cancellation of the next term. We’ll send out reminders out as this deadline approaches.


“…They explain all new terminology and techniques in ways little children can understand and relate to. My daughter absolutely loves attending her piano classes every week and always gets excited about new songs they learn. As being quite a shy girl she’s getting used to performing in front of a class which boosts her confidence. We love Sneaky Keys and will highly recommend them to anyone.”


“A great music school with amazing teachers who understand the needs of kids and make learning piano a fun experience! Miss Anika has built a unique group based learning program that my son thrives in. She is patient and caring and her choice of music very engaging and relatable for the kids.”


“Anika and the Sneaky Keys team’s caring, playful yet professional approach is exactly the right combination to instil the love of music in children (and no doubt adults as well).I am very grateful for their amazing work with my two kids ( now 10 and 12) over the past three years. We will leave the school at the end of the year as we move out of area and it is with a heavy heart. Many thanks again!”



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"We love everything about Sneaky Keys. The teachers have a genuine love for music and want to share this with the children."

Teresa, Liam + Ethan's Mum

Fall in love with music this break

"My daughter absolutely loves attending her piano classes every week and always gets excited about new songs they learn."

Petra - Emma's Mum

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