Sneaky Keys Practice App.

Practice makes progress. But knowing what to practice and how can often leave you with more questions than answers.

Our app has been created to answer these questions and better guide your child's practice.

Practice App

The Sneaky Keys Practice App has been created to make practice better. Each unit is structured in a way to take your child on a journey through the songs they are learning in class – in a way that is easily digested and yields greater results than traditional practice would.

Each unit is made up of a number of sections that utilise the following tools.
Increasing their level of comprehension. And helping them enjoy the process of progress.


Video Tutorials.

Remembering what was covered in class + what needs to be revised and refined can be a daunting task.

In our app we have animated piano video tutorials with voiceover to guide your child.

For each unit we have an intro video that covers the song they’re learning and the outcomes to be achieved.

As your child progresses through the unit they will see an animated piano, and animated music score along with a hand placement tutorial to guide them through.

Music Score.

While learning how to play by ear is at the core of our program – understanding music theory and how to read the notes is not forgotten.

We include the music score for your child, so they can see what they are playing and better understand how the notes are to be read.

Using animation we show students the note being played alongside the animated piano to improve their comprehension of the song they’re learning.


Backing Tracks.

The songs we teach in class are something your child will love to play along to.

Playing alongside a real song is an effective way to teach concepts to students of all levels.

In our app we’ve included these tracks at a slower tempo to help learn the song and its concepts. We also include the original piece so your child can progress and master the performance tempo.

Theory Quizzes.

Learning music theory can be a bit dry. In class, we use quizzes to make this more engaging and increase the level of understanding by students.

Either individually, as a group, or in teams we quiz the kids via our screens. It gives our students a dose of healthy competition – but really, everyone is winning as they learn.

We include quizzes in our app to help your child progress. Each quiz is relevant to the unit and desired outcomes. Providing immediate feedback – knowing if it’s right, and if it isn’t, why? is also a real plus for growth.

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Video Submissions.

The ability to submit a video of your child performing at the end of the unit gives additional insight from one of our teachers.

Having your child film themselves playing, via you of course, including visuals of their hands and posture at the piano is a powerful way to make tweaks outside the classroom. It gives our teachers a better insight into how each student is practicing at home, and therefore what concepts we need to revise in class.

These assignments are short and a good way to iron out bad habits at the time. Not having to wait until your child’s next class.

"My daughter absolutely loves attending her piano classes every week and always gets excited about new songs they learn."

Petra - Emma's Mum

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"We love everything about Sneaky Keys. The teachers have a genuine love for music and want to share this with the children."

Teresa, Liam + Ethan's Mum

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