Sneaky Keys Open Day

Come join us on Saturday the 10th of October to try Sneaky Keys. 

This 30 minute lesson will introduce you and your child to the ‘Sneaky Music’ way, showcase the techniques + approaches that we use in class, and give you a taste of what is possible when learning with us.


When: 12pm, Saturday the 10th of October

Where: Sneaky Keys, 8/128 Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge

Cost: $10*

Important Info: An introductory lesson to give you and your child a taste of what it is like to learn with Sneaky Keys. 

In this session you will get an insight into the techniques and approaches we use when teaching music.

During the session we will observe your child and be able to make class recommendations for Term 4.

*If you do join, the $10 fee will be discounted from your term fees.


Our philosophy is to teach music to kids in a way they will enjoy and want to stick with.

From the music we teach, to the technology we integrate with, and the elements of storytelling we include – our approach strays from conventional wisdom and is more aligned with modern teaching.

The holistic approach we take when teaching means your child will learn more than just the piano.. 

Our students learn how to play music – the theory + history behind it, chords + chord progression, and how the songs they love are arranged. 

We look forward to meeting you soon.



Anika is professional, dedicated and focused on each student. The group learning environment is the biggest asset for Sneaky Keys. Children thrive when in a positive environment. Worth the drive to Northbridge.


Sneaky Keys music school has been amazing for my kids skills and confidence. Miss Anika and her staff are extremely professional, kind and great with the students. I can’t recommend the team and their program enough. If your child is showing an interest, or you’re looking to get them into music to develop their skills – Sneak Keys is the way to go!


The music is contemporary, the space is inviting for students and parents, and the teams commitment to keeping the program current is amazing. The skids love the sounds and the new direction of the school.


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