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Music Exams are…Fun?!

Don’t go yet, hear me out first, I have a proposition for you. 

If I were to tell you I have a couple of spots remaining in our Piano Tuition schedule, what would you say? 

Perhaps some more information will help you make a decision.

These one-on-one lessons are great, your child will work hard, operate under stressful conditions, have to practice for hours a week – and at the end of it they will get to take an exam, which doesn’t get them anything, but it is really ‘fun’.

So, what do you say?

You’d probably tell me to ‘kick rocks’. 

The face a child makes when you tell them exams are ‘fun’.

And while I have used some poetic licence in my pitch, the fact remains – unless your child loves classical music and wants to go to the Conservatorium of Music, why is this still considered the best way to learn music?

In a world where the opportunities our children have today are much more varied than the ones we had, it’s time we did things a little differently to help them get an advantage in a competitive world.

Take Podcast Producers, Video Game Developers, Sound Designers, Voice Artists, Actors, Music Educators and Advertising Professionals for example because they all benefit from an understanding of music. 

We’re just scratching the surface of what jobs this next generation of young minds will have at their disposal, so the question isn’t why do we still do exams? Rather, the question is – why is there such insistence on learning in a way that didn’t bring us much, and wasn’t very ‘fun’?

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