How the kids of today prefer to learn music.

Our group only approach to teaching develops musical ability, boosts confidence and equips kids with the skills they need for school and beyond.

“What really exceeded expectations was how successful group classes are compared to private lessons.” – Anneke

Kids Music Lessons

Forget what you know about music education.

The way we learnt music was a bit ‘meh’. It had some shining moments, but as a whole left a lot to be desired.

Being a solo venture, a disconnect between us and the content, and no common ground with our teachers all played a part in this.

The way kids learn has changed, but music is stuck in time. Somewhere around 1970 or so. 

We’ve changed this. Taking a more holistic approach – helping your child master music, not just an instrument.

With Sneaky Keys your child will


Learn Music

Being able to master an instrument and play what’s in front of you is one thing. But being able to understand music is another – this is what we focus on and it makes us unique.


Make Friends

For so long music has been pigeon holed as something you learn on your own. But why? Our environment helps foster collaboration between students and build lasting friendships.


Develop Life Skills

Here we’ve borrowed from sports. While they will learn music and make friends, it’s the ‘non-music’ skills they learn that will help them now, and far into their future.

Why we're different

“The teachers are lovely and cater to individual needs within the class.”

Group Focus.

Group learning is natural to us all, especially as kids.

Understanding this, we have shaped our program to cater to the individual needs of each student from within the class setting.

While increasing their musical ability your child will improve their skills in collaboration, public speaking, and problem-solving, just to name a few.

“The choice of music is great! It keeps the kids interested and is relevant to them."

The Music.

Learning becomes so much easier when you can connect with the content being taught.

For us, that content is the music.

Using a combination of songs that are originally composed, popular covers and genre bending mashups – we will start your child on a memorable music journey.

“The app is great! I love the feedback you give Neil on his homework submissions.”

Practice App.

The time between classes is where your child will progress the most – building on the concepts we teach in class.

Knowing where to start and finding the time to help your child isn’t always easy. Especially when juggling the running of a busy household.

Our web app helps guide student practice through video tutorials, theory quizzes, backing tracks, scores – and eases the pressure on you. 


Music Classes.

Holiday Workshops.

AsmitaNeil's Mum
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"...a great music school with amazing teachers who understand the needs of kids and make learning piano a fun experience!"
PetraEmma's Mum
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"The teachers are very patient and make the classes fun and interesting. They explain all new terminology and techniques in ways little children can understand and relate to."
AmyPhoebe, Lucy, and xxxx's mum
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"Sneaky Keys is a fantastic music school. My daughter really enjoys and thrives in the group lessons...The pieces learnt are a great mix of contemporary and classic and always appeal greatly to the students."
Irenexxxx and xxxx's mum
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"Anika and the Sneaky Keys team’s caring, playful yet professional approach is exactly the right combination to instill the love of music in children."
AlexiaHugo and xxxx's mum
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"My son loves his Sneaky Key lessons which have made his first experience of learning an instrument fun and interactive. Highly recommend Sneaky Keys!"
LouiseGeorgia and Allessia's mum
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"My children love coming to their music classes on Sneaky Keys. A great program that is very engaging and enjoyable for children learning music."

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