Sneaky Keys FAQs

45 minutes long.

Create your Sneaky Keys account via the MindBody bookings portal (we’ll email you the steps to do this). From there you can book your classes to secure your child’s enrolment.

Yes, you will need a piano or digital piano for home practice. We can help recommend buying or renting a piano to suit your budget. Check out our blog for recommendations and tips. 

For our youngest/beginners aged 4-6 years old, yes you will need to be present so that you can assist your child at the piano and learn with them. Older students 7-12 years are fine by themselves and generally don’t want their parents there!

Students as young as 4 can join our fresh beginners Sneaky Singers classes and once they are 5 years old they can start our Sneaky Keys program to introduce piano playing. 

We would need to assess how much theory and practical knowledge your child remembers and how old they are. Book in a trial class first so we can assess the appropriate level for your child and advise suitable class options from there. 

We offer Singing and Creators (which teaches them how to make drum beats, and record their own music!). All of our music classes incorporate singing and light hand percussion for pitch and rhythmic training to support their overall understanding of music. 

Yes, we welcome new students at any time. This is subject to class availability. We generally start new classes at the beginning of each school term so it is recommended to register your interest during the school holidays ready for  the beginning of a new term.

In your Sneaky Keys billings account you save your preferred billing details which will be debited in fortnightly payments for the term. Payments pause for school holiday breaks and recommence on the first day of the next term. 

We don’t run regular classes during the school holidays as some people go away and it wouldn’t be fair for them to miss out on classes. We do run school holiday workshops, check out the website for updates closer to the holiday breaks.  

Once you’re enrolled, it is assumed you will be continuing on in the same class for the next term unless you advise otherwise. You will need to let us know during the school holidays (at least 2-weeks notice) if you do need to cancel your child’s enrolment for the following term. If you don’t provide 2-weeks notice of cancellation, your first fortnightly payment will not be refunded. 

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