"An enjoyable and fun environment where students can thrive and build their love for music."

Whether you have a budding musician on your hands or simply after a creative outlet for your child. You’ve come to the right place.

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It’s never too early to start learning music. It just needs to be age appropriate.

Our Toddler classes are the perfect intro for kids between 3 + 4. Teaching your little one music through rhythm games, singing and movement – preparing them for when they’re old enough to start singing or piano classes.


The voice is the most personal instrument of all.

We teach students how to control and develop their vocal range. Through posture, rhythm and breathing games, and singing a vast range of popular songs they love.

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Our piano classes teach music as a language.

Ear training, rhythm games, video animation and music theory quizzes help our students to understand music holistically. And to apply their understanding to their piano performances.


Music options for our kids dwindle as they hit the teenage years. And interest in music can decline as it becomes repetitious and uninspiring.

The New Sneaky Teens class builds on what they know and gives them more control of the direction they take with music. Composition, recording, and playing at the core.


Holiday Workshops.​

The Holidays are a great time to stimulate your child’s creativity. Our workshops are designed to focus on singing, piano, or composition.

Following the structure of our regular programming – but delivered as a self contained unit. These workshops are a great fit for the continuing student or those looking for a creative holiday outlet.

"My daughter absolutely loves attending her piano classes every week and always gets excited about new songs they learn."

Petra - Emma's Mum

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