Are groups just for fun?

The quick answer – no. they’re fun, but not JUST for fun.

For the longer answer we’ll need a little more time, but not too much. We’ll keep it brief.

Traditionally learning piano is a solo venture – you learn in a 1 on 1 environment with your teacher and practice the pieces you learn in your lesson.

As group lessons became more common, so did the perception that they are merely a stepping stone to the Holy Land of Private Tuition.

There are a few reasons that groups are seen this way.

The first is the origins of piano and it’s heavy ties to Classical music. Which we will dive into more later, but for now we’ll leave it as a factor.

The second reason is the rigid nature of most Group programs – being taught from a book that makes true individual success really difficult to achieve.

So, as you can see, the rigid approach to teaching a group means that kids are only there to have fun, weed out the ones who don’t want to do it, and progress the kids that are worthy enough of the Holy Land, right?

At this point, you’d be right to say yes.

On one proviso – that it was for any program other than ours.

We’ve been through the old way, taught the rigid group format, and knew that both weren’t what the kids of today need.

Our group program has been created to focus on the kids in class, help them at home, and develop skills that will help in life as they grow.

Flexibility, technology (more on our online learning portal soon), and the songs they want to learn.

So, to sum it up. Our classes are fun – but NOT just for fun.

"My daughter absolutely loves attending her piano classes every week and always gets excited about new songs they learn."

Petra - Emma's Mum

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"We love everything about Sneaky Keys. The teachers have a genuine love for music and want to share this with the children."

Teresa, Liam + Ethan's Mum

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