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One thing we all have in common here at Sneaky Keys is that we fell in love with music at a young age, long before we learnt how to play an instrument or sing.

And when we did start to learn, it wasn’t what we expected.

We were upset that we weren’t getting to play the songs we liked and we had nothing in common with our teachers.

It wasn’t until many years later when we pushed ourselves to learn those songs that our love for learning music really blossomed.

We want our students to fall in love with music from the outset, and have built our music programs with this at the core.

So, why Sneaky Keys?

For us, a big driver in creating our own Music Programs was to ensure the next generation experience a better introduction to music than we did.

We’ve built our Singers, Keys, and Creators programs in a way that helps your child stay engaged and enjoying the process of learning music with us.

Our goal is to teach your child the skills they need to create the moments that matter – the sense of accomplishment, feelings of pride and the joy they bring to those around them.

Each of our courses includes the 4 pillars of The Sneaky Music Method, which we’ve outlined below.

The Music

Pop Songs

Regardless of genre, when we first desire to learn music it’s because we want to learn to play the songs we like and are influenced by.

Through the use of current hits, ageless classics and genre bending mashups we keep students engaged, enjoying music, and learning to play the songs that influence them.

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Learning

Comradery is at the core of our teaching method. We want students to work together as they grow individually.

We teach our students to work cooperatively as they pursue their own goals, face their fears, overcome challenges and stand tall amongst their peers.

Technology Assisted


Technology has helped us to improve our teaching, inside the classroom and for practice at home.

The introduction of technology has made it easier to communicate complex techniques – as well as provide interactive music theory quizzes, backing tracks, and video tutorials.

Mindset Development


Mindset is key to long term growth. This is as true for the next generation of creative minds as it is for us teaching them.

Our program helps students develop methods to help them overcome obstacles, build social skills and to perform better when working in a team.

Group Music


The foundation of our program is group education.

And while this method is used widely in the industry, it wasn’t immune to an upgrade.

Comradery is at the core of the Sneaky Music System – we want your child to increase their confidence, create new friends and overcome their fears as they learn to sing, play the piano or how to create their own tunes.



We aren’t afraid to evolve, and as a young, passionate team we have embraced technology to improve the quality of our service.

Whether it be in the classroom or at home, the introduction of technology has made it much easier to communicate techniques in an easily digested way. 

The use of video tutorials, music quizzes, and video assignments keeps your child progressing at home while you keep the family running smoothly.

Want to see how it all works? Try our portal here for free.

Pop Songs

Pop Songs

When we first wanted to play music it was because we wanted to play the songs we liked. When we started to play music though, we didn’t get that opportunity.

Times and pop songs may change, but the dream to be able to play them doesn’t.

At first glance, a pop song score is extremely complex and difficult to understand. As part of the Sneaky Music System, we have taken these beloved tracks and made them accessible to our students.

It doesn’t stop there, we also have created our own mashups of covers and classical music which compliments our library of original tracks.

Sounds too good to be true? Try Oompa Anthem – a Willy Wonka and Queen mashup in our portal here.



When learning with Sneaky Keys your child learns much more than music.

We don’t want your child’s ideas and progression limited by the extent of our ideas. For this reason, we have made sure one of the biggest takeaways of learning with us is the development of a growth mindset.

In our teachings we instil that failure isn’t the end, giving up is not the way, and potential isn’t pre-determined. 

Rather, we teach that failure is just an opportunity to grow, overcoming adversity will only make them better, and their effort and attitude will be the greatest determining factor in them achieving their wildest dreams.

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Meet Our Teachers

“Fun fact, my family nickname is Sneaky, so there’s a lot of me personally in Sneaky Keys!

I love seeing how engaged and ‘hooked’ our students are coming to music class, because they get to see their friends, learn something new and have so much fun all at the same time!”

Anika Evans
Owner / Keys Teacher

“If you can slip in music knowledge with a game, then you’ve won. Approaching music education as teaching a ‘secret code’ is such an engaging way for students to learn.

When learning music in groups, you surround yourself with people that have such a diverse appreciation or understanding of music, so you learn from each other, not just from your teacher.”

Amy Farebrother
Singers & Keys Teacher

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"My daughter absolutely loves attending her piano classes every week and always gets excited about new songs they learn."

Petra - Emma's Mum

Trial in February 2021