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7 ways storytelling helps kids learn music faster

Storytelling is everywhere – we see thousands of examples everyday. It connects us to those around us, sells us the products we love, and helps us learn.

For kids, keeping them interested is hard, even at the best of times. And trying to teach them technical info in a dry manner – it just doesn’t work.

This is where the introduction of story is a powerful tool when teaching music. Keeping students engaged, having fun, and most importantly progressing.

So let’s get into it, here are our top 7 reasons that kids learn music faster with storytelling. 


Nobody, especially a child, likes dry or boring content. 

Think about possibly the most boring message we hear – the safety message on a plane. As it starts you look around the cabin, see the headphones go in and the volume sent up to drown it out.

If you remember the South by Southwest flight in the noughts the host really mixed it up. If you can’t recall, don’t stress, you can check it out here.

The host lays a foundation through a story about why he’s mixing it up, involves the passengers, and then raps the safety announcement.

Everyone is loving it – and it’s surely the only flight announcement they’ll remember.

For us, we have no safety announcements, but we do have content that without a story to explain would put our students to sleep. Or worse, have them bouncing off the walls trying to entertain themselves.

A perfect example is the ‘Fruity Beats’. A story we use to teach students about how long to hold each type of note. 


Remembering information can be tough – especially without associations.

If you are given a list of 20 facts or figures to learn, you’ll be lucky to remember 9 of them.

But if you were to create a story and make associations with them you will be able to recall much more information.

I’ll use the Fruity Beats as an example again. 

After only one lesson learning this concept our students are able to answer the teacher with the correct values of each Fruity Beat.

The kids love the story, have a laugh at the names, and it commits the info to memory. If we were to use just the technical info on its own it would take so much longer as it has no meaning to them.

Makes Learning Easier:

This one is a bit of a no brainer. 

If using story helps kids understand music concepts and commit them to memory faster, it has to make learning easier. 

The added intrigue and excitement a story brings has added benefits. It keeps students focused, entertained and progressing.

Improves Communication Skills:

Alongside the direct learning benefits a story delivers – it also helps improve your child’s communication skills.

It helps increase their ability to express themselves. To share their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

By involving them in the story we invite students to grow. Boosting their confidence, encouraging them to ask questions, and improving their vocabulary.

Improves Social Skills:

This one is a direct follow on from an improvement in Comms Skills.

Your child improves their ability to engage, but it also teaches them how to interact socially.

They learn how to actively listen. Be patient as others speak. It also opens their eyes to how others think and their ideas.

Which we can all agree are vital skills as they grow.


Creativity is founded on imagination. 

The Disney films our kids love are built on this. Their ability to inspire through story are second to none and have been that way for generations.

While we’re not claiming to be Disney, we are passionate storytellers. 

So much so that we have introduced our own Superheroes for our students to enjoy.

This introduction has helped our students become further engaged in learning music. 

Following the heroes in their adventures through our own originally composed music, our comic book, and animated comic series.

Creative Involvement:

With the introduction of the Sneaky Heroes it has sparked the students imagination.

But it doesn’t stop there.

It has led to our students being involved in their journey to save music. 

Our “Sneakies” (students) have helped create and name new characters, shape their adventures and even have creative input in some of our merch designs.

Candyland - Designed by our 7-8 year old Thursday class.

Story, like time, remains undefeated.

We use it to teach the concepts they need to know. To help them progress as fast as they can. Having fun with, and falling in love with music in the process.

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