5 Signs of a Musical Talent

Something we often get asked is how to identify if a child has a musical talent. While there aren’t any hard and fast rules to use, there are a few indicators which you can keep an eye out for .

  1. They sing along to films and songs

Singing along to the things they hear is a sign your child has an interest in music.

If they are singing along to the tune, and not just yelling, music could be a good option for them.

  1. They remember song lyrics

Does your child hear a song once – and is then able to remember the words and sing in tune?

As a parent this may baffle you but is something you shouldn’t ignore. Exploring this interest in music can help grow their passion and ability from a young age.

  1. They make up their own songs while playing

You may notice it while they’re playing, making their own song to tell a story that their toys are acting out.

Often inspired by film and television, the ability to create their own playtime soundtrack is one to encourage.

  1. They move their bodies in response to music

Tapping pencils, bopping heads, turning anything in arms reach to a drum kit are just a few of the signs that your child gets music.

These responses are common among children who have a passion for music.

  1. Their mood is affected by the music they hear

Do sad songs make your child sad? Does your child’s mood change to reflect the themes of the songs they hear? 

This is an advanced response and typically an indicator of a musical ability.

If you notice 3 – 4 of these in your child, music could be a great creative outlet for them. Group music classes are a great place to start. We’d recommend singing if they’re pre-school age and early piano for those in kindy.

PS – If you’re in the Northbridge area and would like to try with us, you can try a class for free, here.

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