Group Piano & Singing Classes for kinder to teens


Inspire Creativity

We nurture the creativity of the next generation in a fun, inclusive environment where your child can fall in love with music like we have and enjoy the lifelong benefits it brings.

Overview of Course Levels

Based on age and skill level

Classes are 45-minutes, with each student provided their own piano and percussion instruments to use in the class. Students are provided with music folders to use and take home for their practice.

Level 1

Sneaky Starters

For Beginners

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Level 2

Steady Sneaky

For students with some prior experience

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Level 3

Sneaky Sustained

For Intermediate

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Level 4

super sneaky

Super Sneaky

For Advanced

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With Sneaky Keys your child will learn more than music

With Sneaky Keys they will develop public speaking + performance, social, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

The piano is our primary instrument, though we do add singing and light percussion to further develop each student’s practical music skills and their comprehension of music theory.

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Your child will be an integral part of the team – working with other students to overcome challenges, improve their skillset and achieve their own individual goals.

Traditionally, music lessons are a very rigid activity – we want to remove as many barriers as possible so that your child can fall in love with music like we have and enjoy the lifelong benefits it brings.


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You get to meet new people, and also if someone knows more than you, you can learn off them – so you get more experience.

Ashleigh, 11 years old

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I feel like I’ve progressed a lot through my three years of experience here…I like the unity of everyone playing together, I feel like that’s kinda cool, how we all know how to play the same thing, it just sounds really cool.

Erica, 12 years old

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My biggest achievement is probably just starting to learn piano. I thought it was going to be really hard, but it just gets easier along the way.

Sophia, 8 years old


You can redeem your $100 voucher when you enrol your child in any of our music classes

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