A modern, holistic approach to learning music. 

We teach the songs your child wants to learn – in a way that helps them build character, work collaboratively, and succeed beyond the classroom.

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A great music school with amazing teachers who understand the needs of kids and make learning piano a fun experience! Miss Anika has built a unique group based learning program that my son thrives in. She is patient and caring and her choice of music very engaging and relatable for the kids.
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The teachers and especially Anika are very patient and make the classes fun and interesting. They explain all new terminology and techniques in ways little children can understand and relate to. My daughter absolutely loves attending her piano classes every week and always gets excited about new songs they learn.
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Anika and the Sneaky Keys team’s caring, playful yet professional approach is exactly the right combination to instil the love of music in children. I am very grateful for their amazing work with my two kids over the past three years. We will leave the school at the end of the year as we move out of area and it is with a heavy heart. Many thanks again!
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The music is contemporary, the space is inviting for students and parents, and the teams commitment to keeping the program current is amazing. The kids love the sounds and the new direction of the school.
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Sneaky Keys music school has been amazing for my kids skills and confidence. Miss Anika and her staff are extremely professional, kind and great with the students. I can’t recommend the team and their program enough.
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Anika is professional, dedicated and focused on each student. The group learning environment is the biggest asset for Sneaky Keys. Children thrive when in a positive environment. Worth the drive to Northbridge.

It's more than music, it's a feeling...

Learning to play music is much more than being able to play an instrument.

It’s the sense of accomplishment your child feels as they master their favourite song.

The pride they feel when they perform for you the first time.

Or the smile on their grandparents’ faces when your child performs Happy Birthday on the piano for them.

Music, it’s the sum of unforgettable moments that your child will hold on to forever.

What musical ability does your child want to master?

Whether they want to know how to sing, play the keys, or create music like the greats, we have them covered.

Each of our music programs takes place in the group setting and focuses on teaching essential musical skills, along with exercises to help develop confidence and emotional intelligence in students.

Our 3 programs have been designed to work as individual units and can be packaged together for multiple classes a week.

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Teaching your child to sing with today’s hits and ageless classics.



Teaching your child to play the piano with songs they’ll love.



Teaching your child the skills to create their very own hits.

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Why Sneaky Keys?

Our programs have been created with students in mind.

We’ve taken the good things from the past and meshed them with the now – this has proven to keep our students more focused and progressing faster.

Each Sneaky program has been created with each of our four pillars, The Music, Cooperative, Technology, and Mindset at the core.

The Music
Pop Songs

We want to learn music, to play the songs we like.

Through the use of current hits, ageless classics and genre bending mashups we keep students engaged and enjoying music.

Cooperative Learning

Comradery is at the core of our teaching method.

We teach our students to work cooperatively as they pursue their own goals, overcome their fears and are able to stand tall amongst peers.


Technology helps us improve our teaching.

In the classroom and at home, the introduction of technology has made it easier to communicate complex techniques in an easily digested way. 


Mindset is key to long term growth.

Our program helps students develop methods to help them overcome obstacles, build social skills, and perform better in a team.

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"My daughter absolutely loves attending her piano classes every week and always gets excited about new songs they learn."

Petra - Emma's Mum

Trial in February 2021